Cagayan Valley
(Lambak ng Cagayan in Filipino) is designated as Region II or Region 02.  It is composed of five provinces, namely: Batanes, Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Viscaya, and Quirino.

Its regional center is  Tuguegarao City.

Most of the region lies in a large valley in northeastern Luzon, between the Cordilleras and the Sierra Madre mountain ranges. Cagayan River, the country's longest river runs through its center and flows out to Luzon Strait in the north, in the town of Aparri, Cagayan . The Babuyan and Batanes island groups that lie in the Luzon Strait also belong to the region.




The Province of Batanes is the northernmost and the smallest province of the Philippines, both in terms of population and land area. The provincial capital is Basco.

The province is composed of ten islands, called the Batanes Islands, located about 162 km north of the Luzon mainland in the Luzon and is part of the Cagayan Valley region in Luzon. Of this island group, the largest and most economically important are Itbayat, Batan and Sabtang.

The Batanes Islands are separated from the Babuyan Islands of Cagayan Province by the Balintang Channel and from Taiwan by the Bashi Channel.

Only Itbayat, Batan, and Sabtang are inhabited. The Batanes is about 190 kilometers south of Taiwan.

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Cagayan is the Regional Seat of the Cagayan Valley Region.

Tuguegarao City, the capital, is the seat of commerce and trade and center for learning. The province has 73 percent of the region’s potential fishing area.

Known as the spelunker’s, trekker’s, and gamefisher’s paradise rolled into one, Cagayan provides a never-ending adventure with ecotourism in the forefront of its offering. Both foreign and local tourists continue to explore its caves, engage in gamefishing expeditions, trek its mighty mountains and retreat to its centuries-old churches.

Present day chroniclers say that the name was derived from the word “tagay,” a kind of plant that grows abundantly in the northern part of the province. Thus, “Catagayan” which means a place where the tagay grows abundantly was shortened to “Cagayan,” the present name of the province.

is a province of the Philippines located in the Cagayan Valley region in Luzon. Its capital is Ilagan and borders, clockwise from the south, Aurora, Quirino, Nueva Vizcaya, Ifugao, Mountain Province, Kalinga, and Cagayan. This primarily agricultural province is the second largest in the Philippines, and the largest on the island of Luzon

Nueva Viscaya

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